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Happy Holidays 2016

Dear Client,

Let’s start with wishing you Happy Holidays. I don’t want you to have any guilt trips so I give you permission to eat, drink and be merry as much as you want. I know you will anyway so enjoy it all. Who cares what the surgeon general says, what’s he know.

You might wonder why this letter is in script, I for one still like the personality script gives to the written word and don’t think it should be done away with. I also think we need to be kind to one another and to listen to people’s opinions that differ from our own. Maybe something would get done.

I believe a conspiracy is taking place that has been set up by the worldwide pillow cartel. Every place I go from here to Canada to the East Coast you can’t put your butt down unless you move a pillow. At first I thought it was just my wife that had been stricken with pillow mania but it is everywhere I go. You can’t find a couch or bed for all the pillows on them. You need to take a picture of them so you know how to put them back exactly the way they came off or you will make someone mad. I don’t know how this cartel got into everyone’s head probably the ads on T V have subliminal messages to buy more pillows than you can ever use.

In this holiday season our wish for you is to have a safe enjoyable holiday season and may the New Year bring you good health, be prosperous and enjoy the gifts of faith, family and friends.

Happy Holidays

Tom Yocom