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Holiday Greeting 2014

Dear Customer,

Well the holidays are upon us and this year I am getting my holiday letter out on time, I think. It seems like holiday stuff has been in the stores since Labor Day, somehow when it is ninety + degrees outside I just can’t get in the holiday spirit. Now that it has gotten cooler I think I am in the spirit to over eat, drink, spend and be merry. Now that my kids have gotten older I don’t have to fake all the Santa stuff and I can give those gifts like underwear and pimple cream that don’t have batteries and no assembly. Mind you there are down sides to growing older but one of the the upsides is the holidays have gotten a lot easier. No more having to build toys through the night, no more trying to fake reindeer and sleigh tracks in the backyard. If the kids don’t like their gifts you give them a gift receipt and tell them to return it. Some people call this Humbug Bah attitude, I call it holiday spirit, rejoice in the freedom. As usual I like to address New Year’s Resolutions. Why would you think something might change in you because of a date change? Goals that are set this way rarely ever come to fruition. Make simple small goals (like eating more cookies) that are attainable any time of year this way you don’t start the New Year off disappointed in yourself and you actually get something done.

During this time of year I like to reflect on the past years in this business all 31 of them (if I can remember) the friends I have made, long time business relationships, how some things have changed but many things have stayed the same. The one thing that is consistent is to treat people as you would like to be treated, it sure makes life in this business a lot easier. I would like to thank you for your patronage and trust over the years and the friendships and humor. Thanks for reading my letters, they have been a lot of fun to write and I plan on writing a lot more.

In this holiday season our wish for you is to have a safe enjoyable holiday season with little to no stress and may the New Year bring you good health, be prosperous and enjoy the gifts of faith, family and friends.

We will be open through the holidays if you need us but will be closed Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Happy Holidays

Tom Yocom