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Service Volvo Owners for over 35 years!

Volvo Repair Specialists

Volvo’s are the epitome of quality in the automotive industry. Owners of Volvos are passionate about keeping their cars running in tip-top shape, knowing that if they take care of their Volvo, their Volvo will serve them for hundreds of thousands of miles. Auto Tech Volvo Repair is a well-established specialist in Volvo repair services with over 34 years of experience working with all model Volvo cars. We specialize in keeping your Volvo running for many years and many miles. We have a customer with over 400,000 miles and it still runs great.

Auto Tech carries all of the Volvo factory-required tools and the staff is factory-trained to ensure expert Volvo repair services, including:

  • Volvo brake repair
  • Volvo heater and air conditioning units
  • Volvo starters and alternators
  • Volvo steering columns
  • Volvo factory services
  • Volvo oil changes
    And many more!

We service Volvo’s for customers as far away as Carlsbad. If you looking for Volvo service in San Diego, La Mesa or El Cajon come by Auto Tech and we’ll keep your Volvo running for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Volvo Repair
Volvo repair

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We have lived in El Cajon for nearly 25 years and up until a couple of weeks ago never knew that Auto Tech even existed.  For many a year we took our 1993 Volvo 940 wagon to be serviced by “Russ the Romanian” at Import Auto on Main just off of Marshal.  After he had major heart surgery we were basically on our own.  Every time we took our vehicle in for service (same place, new owner & mechanic) it seemed to be a minimum of $1000.  A couple of weeks ago I stopped by Clifton Mercedes on Main and Marshall and asked for a reputable establishment that service Volvo’s.  He highly recommended Auto Tech.  I am so glad that we took his advice.  Our Volvo would not idle; it kept dying unless you manually kept a fast idle.  We took the car to Auto Tech.  Tom, the owner, said he would analyze the problem and get back to us.  By the end of the day he gave us a complete diagnosis.  There were several things wrong and causing the multiple problems.  Within a couple of days we had the vehicle back in our possession.  The car runs great now (over 235,000 miles).  Tom, the Volvo Physician exceeded all of my expectations.  I would like to add that Auto Tech is one of the most honest shops I have ever encountered.  They could have said I needed a tune-up, timing belt, etc.  But they only fixed what needed to be fixed.  I appreciate their honesty, their character and their expertise and  knowledge of their craft.  We will be going to Auto Tech for now on ……

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Dale F