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What Fall Brings in 2015

Dear Friends,

I don’t know whether to write a fall letter or just another summer letter. When it seems like fall weather begins to start it gets super-hot and its summer all over again. The weather people want to have California declared a disaster area before the first drop of rain. El Niño the next Armageddon, get the sand bags ready check to see if you live in a flood plain, man the pumps, remove the hillsides behind your house and build an ARC. Every time they talk up rain it never shows up, it’s the same in football, the announcer says the field goal kicker hasn’t missed in 35 attempts and he misses the next kick. They need to just be quiet so they don’t jinx us. We need rain that’s for sure and I believe we should all be prepared for whatever comes but let’s not get the horse before the cart.

What do you think of this presidential primary race? There are so many candidates for the Republicans I can’t keep track. I do know if The Donald gets elected there will be no bad hair days for the next four years. If Clinton gets elected the black pants suit will be vogue.  The truth is Forest Gumps mother was right life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get till you bite into it the same goes for politics.

This summer was very interesting. My daughter Amanda was able to have two accidents in one day with my Ford Expedition (Urban Assault Vehicle) first she rear ended someone then she comes home and hits my Classic 64 Ford F200 with my Expedition. Life with teenagers is an expedition in itself. Good thing I believe life is a comedy of errors because there has to always be a funny side to everything even if you have to strain to see it.  My son has started college AT SDCC and my youngest is back at Valhalla in her junior year. They all have one thing in common they really try to do as little as possible around the house, it would be easier to drive a mule team up a mountain than to get them to put their own dish in the dishwasher. I can’t wait till they have their own place so I can go over for a visit turn all the lights on run the a/c with the windows open and leave a trail of dirty dishes and glasses everywhere. Sounds like fun to me. As I have said before I do love them I just don’t know why.

Did you know this month is Car Care Month and we offer a free courtesy inspection with any paid service or if you have a check engine light we will read the codes for free and tell you if you need further diagnostics or not. If you have a noise and you don’t know what it is, call us and set up a free road-test. Seeing that a thousand year flood took place in the Carolinas we may get a two thousand year flood in California so make sure your getaway vehicle is in good shape. I do have a question how do you know if you have a thousand year flood? Was the national weather service started by the indigenous people of this country? They were the only ones here so we must have taken it over from them along with everything else.

In closing I would like to say thanks for your support over the years having good customers makes a business like mine fun not just work.


Tom Yocom