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A Wonderful 2015

Dear Customer,

Looks like another year has gone by, it’s the Holidays and it feels like summer just ended. That’s probably because all the hot weather in the fall made it feel like summer. There is no global warming it’s just a heck of a lot hotter for longer periods of time than it used to be. I want to thank you again for all your support over the past 33 years without you we would be nothing. I wish you the best for the holidays and the coming year.

As usual I have a few suggestions on New Year’s Resolutions. A New Year’s Resolution needs to be attainable in a short period of time, they say to change a habit or create one takes 21 days, and this is much too long. It’s got to be simple, like take more time for yourself, eat more ice cream and less kale, if you include lose weight or workout more that has to be a habit it will most likely not happen. If you want to lose weight get smaller plates like the Europeans have, their plate’s holds half of what an American plate holds, that doesn’t mean that you fill it up twice.  When you park your car, park it as far away from your destination as safely possible that way you get exercise every day without trying. I want everybody to make a New Year’s Resolution to check at www.nhtsa.gov/  website, see the button under the Takata sign to put your vehicle I.D.number in to see if you need to have your air bags replaced. The dealers do it at no cost to you and by doing this you could save yourself from a very bad experience in the future. We are hoping for a safe and healthy 2016.

All our kids are home for the Holidays so they are hitting me up for money so they can go buy gifts. So in reality I get to pay for everyone’s gifts so I must be the Secret Santa. I can tell form my waistline and beard that I am trying to even look like Santa.

Auto Tech will be open through the Holidays we will close early on the eves and be closed Christmas and New Year ’s Day.

Best Wishes