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Happy Holidays for 2017

Dear Customer,

It’s that time of year when I have waited until the last minute, in anticipation of “Full Contact Christmas Shopping” and deliver a late newsletter. I have worked diligently with the dog playing tug-a-war, so I have the arm strength to pull pink cloud pajamas or what-ever away from grandmas’ last-minute shopping for the grandchildren. I also love the mall parking lot. This is a total dog-eat-dog atmosphere where no holiday spirit is ever found. The name ‘mall’ should be spelled m-a-u-l because it is more like a gladiator pit than a group of stores. Some people dread going out into this mayhem; I thrive on it. No other time of year can you preach “peace and love” while going into full attack mode in the parking lot. You have got to love it.

Now that you all know why I love the holidays, it’s time for me to wish you a Merry “whatever you celebrate” (just being PC). I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays and have much love and laughter in the New Year. Hopefully, you did not make any New Year’s Resolutions; they only last two to three weeks at best. If you’re going to change something about your life, do it in February. No one ever asks about February resolutions, so there is no external pressure. You just do what you want at your speed and get it done.

I want to take this time to thank all of you for supporting us for 35 years. We have truly made some good friends in this business. Many of you had kids in cars seats when you first started coming here. Now your kids are bringing in their vehicles with cars seats in them. As they say, the beat goes on. It has been fun watching families grow and progress, and it has been nice having customers that are interested in my family and well-being. Nobody ever talks about this side of having a small business; it’s the main reason I enjoy what I do. I don’t buy all this talk about the country being divided, and we are full of hate. This stuff makes headlines and panders to extreme individuals that represent a very small segment of our population. When you hear about a plane crash or a disaster you listen for affected Americans. You’re not thinking about their color or faith, just that a fellow American is in trouble or needs help. So long as we keep our value system to judging one person at a time, we will be fine.

I do not have a lot to say about vehicles at this time of year, other than promising that we will continue to do our best to keep you safe and secure in your vehicle in 2018 and beyond.


Best Wishes

Tom Yocom

Tom Yocom