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It’s A Late Spring

Dear Client,

I was going to write a letter in early spring—but it’s late spring—and, if I’m lucky, it will be out before summer. The one thing I like about California is the seasons. You can have all four of our seasons in one week: hot and sunny, cold and gray, rainy, and cool and mild, or all that could actually be in one day! You’ve got to love it. How about this presidential race? No matter what side you’re on, if any, this one has beaten all the others hands down; very entertaining. The question is: where is Ralph Nader when you need him?

I found out something very interesting: my shoe size. For years I bought shoe size 10 ½ e width. My foot has been the same size since I was 12 years old, or so I thought. Then, I went to buy some expensive hiking boots for a trip we were going on, and my foot measured size 12. This could explain the last 50 years I have spent in anger and pain that could have been eliminated by having my foot measured each year. I have quit taking all those special drugs to quell the anger and kill the foot pain (just kidding). Seriously don’t buy shoes off the shelf without measuring your foot accurately. This is a public service announcement and I approve this message. Maybe our politicians are suffering from the same thing; they seem awfully mean.

With the end of the school year, my house is intermittently full of young adults who don’t put anything away, burn gasoline like it’s going out of style, make dirty dishes and never clean them unless threatened with loss of a vehicle, and keep their rooms in such a mess, EPA cleanup crews would fear to tread there. So, in other words, young is the key word—adult, not so much. I have been told by wiser people that this is only a temporary state which will transition into a long-lasting friendship. Due to my age and disposition to be a realist, this sounds like a lot of BS—I mean fairy tale—we must be PC you know. I am happy to spend time with my kids, I am just worried that if a big earthquake hits while I am in their room, no one will ever find me.

So much for my take on life this spring; I would like to thank you again for your support. Without you, we would be nothing. We have instituted a quality control program of calling you after a repair to make sure everything has gone well and you are happy with the result. My daughter Amanda is handling that. I know having your vehicle repaired is about as much fun as paying taxes, but at least you know the money goes to a good cause—paying tuition for college. Hope you had a good spring and be safe this summer.

Happy motoring,

Tom Yocom