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Spring Brings New Opportunities

Dear Patron,

How’s that? I used a new beginning Patron instead of customer. I use that term Patron because all of you are my Patron Saints for keeping our business alive and well through a very tough economic time. It is spring when new things are popping up all around us. Flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born in the wild as well as in the Zoo and Wild Animal Park. And the State of California has a new plan for handling the drought signed by the Governor and endorsed by the legislature. Now I know we are considered the land of fruits and nuts so this plan is perfect. We are in the fourth year of a severe drought so this plan has earmarked 60% of the money to go to flood control. Now don’t get me wrong I like to be prepared, Noah was prepared and everybody thought he was nuts, maybe someone of a higher source has spoken to our state government officials or maybe it was contractors that would benefit from this policy. So much for my uneducated assumption but wouldn’t getting more water sources make sense at this time instead of protecting against floods. What do I know, I’m just a plain old citizen.

So much for make believe let’s talk about the real meat and potatoes of spring. Weed abatement, pollen count and taxes. I think we could learn a lot from studying weeds. They grow with no water, they survive pesticides and attacks of all forms. They give off pollen as a counter attack and they have the fire department threaten us if we don’t remove them. When I spray them with weed killer I think I can hear them laughing at me. If you want to get rid of terrorist groups drop weed seed not bombs on them. In a few years they will be so busy killing weeds and sneezing and coughing they won’t have the time or energy for Jihad. I know this might be against the Geneva Convention but sometimes you just have to just think outside the box to get a plan that would work.

If you are wondering about the content of this letter I made the mistake of reading the newspaper which gave me endless amounts of cannon fodder to write this letter. Now about me, my family still consists of three teenage children against two adults, the adults are severely out numbered. The only things that give me a chance at keeping my sanity is my wife, my dogs the rabbit and guinea pig. They are consistent day in and day out they love me (except the guinea pig) and I love them (except the guinea pig). My kids build my character every day, making me more internally strong and able to bite my lip in most situations. I know one day they will be adults and I will miss these times and I do love them dearly, I just don’t know why. Well that about wraps it up you have my latest take on world news, local events and family. I hope you have a safe and happy spring, will be in touch in the summer. Thanks again for all the support over the years, without you we are nothing.

Thanks Again