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Spring Rains Springs Flowers

Dear Client,

This is my spring edition of what’s wrong with Toms world. Let’s see, the rains brought the roof leaks, which in turn, brought the wall repair in my daughter’s room which led to the discovery of termites. I am all in favor of urban renewal, but not at my house. Normally this time of year, my complaint is about weeds. But, all the house repair has distracted me from my true life drama of man against nature. Of course nature brought all this on but, it has changed to man against insurance company, roofing contractor, pest control companies and building contractors. All of whom are too busy to stop by and give us a price quote. So I think I am just going to start weeding to help me forget about all the other problems. Actually, it is very therapeutic.

Vehicles are in the news lately talking about autonomous vehicles that will drive themselves they will learn as they go with their artificial intelligence. I have been accused by many family members of having artificial intelligence which I took as a compliment, I think. Anyway this raises all kinds’ problems if your vehicle listens to you while you’re driving and learns your bad habits. If it sees you mash your foot on the accelerator when the traffic light turns yellow, it may think this is a good thing to do. How about your language when someone cuts you off or takes your parking space, you may end up with a fowl- mouthed Siri giving you directions like “stop the dam car,” stupid,” or worse!

Secondly, what if your vehicle gets a bad attitude? Will I have to be trained in the behavioral sciences for automobiles in essence, becoming a car whisperer?  What if your vehicle develops a fear of heights or tight places? What if your truck decides it likes a pretty sports car and starts chasing it? The what if’s are immense with this issue and it is going to make my job a lot harder. It used to be you learned about new technologies but now the learning curve encompasses personality traits that vehicles have learned from their owners. Remember the book and the movie Christine  by Stephen King about the 1958 Plymouth that was possessed, I don’t think we are too far from that in real life.

I am thankful that the rains have stopped and the wildflowers and plants are happy. I am also thankful to you, our customers for supporting us and being our friends. Without you we would not exist. We are starting a new preventive maintenance program. We will check what the Factory maintenance is on your vehicle at whatever mileage you are at, if there are any recalls or technical service bulletins that have to be done. We would much rather keep your car running right all the time and keep you off the side of the road which is a very dangerous place. Vehicles, if maintained correctly last a very long time, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. We wish all of you a great spring, enjoy it because it will be hot soon enough.

Thanks Again

Tom Y