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Summer Vacations Are Here

Dear Client,

Feels like it’s time for what I did on my summer vacation newsletter. Since I have already had my vacation I normally would have some mishap or problem that I could expound upon, no such luck. Everything went smoothly except going through the security in the airport. Just recently I have grown a beard and mustache to look a little more macho (edgy) and to hide sun spots, age spots or liver spots you choose I couldn’t tell you the difference they just make me look uglier than I already am. So when my turn comes up to show my boarding pass and license they send me to a special place to expedite my security process. So now I’m a little upset, as edgy as I think I look they looked at my license saw my age and decided I posed no threat what so ever and barely even checked me. That’s age discrimination my macho image of myself was completely deflated. So what did I do? Everything they told me to do, I guess they were right, I’m harmless.

There is something new we are about to institute in our service reminder process. After your service we are going to set you up with a tentative date for your next service. Prior to the service we will e-mail you or call which ever you prefer and make sure that dates ok or change it to something that works for you. The reason behind this is we have been seeing a lot of slugged engine lately created by extended oil services. People forget and go well over ten thousand miles on their services and this can lead to sludgeing in the engine which creates very large repair bills sometimes past the value of the vehicle. Since your vehicle is your second largest investment in your lifetime protecting it with preventative maintenance you get the best bang for your buck. If you follow the factory recommended maintenances there should be no reason not to get well over 200,0000 miles out of any vehicle built in the last 15 years.

Well so much for shop talk. I hope all of you have a happy and healthy summer. If you’re going to travel in your own personal vehicle make sure it has been thoroughly checked out so you have a safe and trouble free trip.

Thanks Again

Tom Yocom